Packing Tips

Do it Yourself Packing Tips

  • Have packing materials on hand: packing paper, tape bubble wrap, markers, and lots and LOTS of boxes. Keep them in a centralized location - that means when you are finished with the tape and markers, you put them back in the centralized location. You will save a lot of time by avoiding having to hunt and search for the items you need. Estimate what you think you need and double it. Unused items can be returned after you are completely packed.  We can provide your packing materials!
  • Pack your boxes with items going to the same destination. You'll save yourself time and frustration when unpacking by having items delivered to the room in which they belong. 
  • If you have property going to various sites, have the boxes stacked accordingly. The more organized you are on the front end, the less stress you'll have on move day. You'll also avoid wasted labor, which is especially good when you're paying for it!
  • Hazardous materials shouldn't be packed. Items such as cleaning chemicals, gasoline, propane, ammunition, and solvents are against the law for most household movers to transport. 
  • When you find yourself stumped on whether you want to take something, put it aside in a "Decide Later" pile. Keep moving, without breaking your stride. Towards the end of the project, you can address the pile with a different mindset. 
  • Label your boxes clearly enough that you'll know what's in them and so that helpers know where the boxes should be placed.  Color coded post-its work well for this.
  • Set aside items that you should take in your car - items of sentimental value, items that are extremely fragile or delicate, items of significant value, etc. 
  • Be sure to mark boxes with warnings like "This Side Up" or "Fragile" or "Open First." 
  • Use sturdy trash bags for soft goods such as linens and pillows. They can be stacked on top of the load. 
  • Buy bags for your mattresses and box springs. They'll protect them from soiling. 
  • Don't pack items that may be damaged by the heat of the truck such as DVDs, CDs, video tapes, and candles.

Better yet, let us do the packing!

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